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Whats In My All Natural Travel Beauty bag? 

Hello Natural Beauties! 

so I am headed on a weekend trip with my husbands family to Lepizig Germany. YAY 

Here is a List Of things I typically bring with me for a small trip like this. Everything From skin care to hair care to makeup all fits in my favorite rosy print cosmetic bag!

 Hair Care Goodies:

For hair care I tend to bring quite a bit. since this is only a short trip I decided to bring a small container of shampoo and conditioner. My Natural Shampoo and conditioner of choice right now are by the affordable line Lavera.

~Lavera Basis Sensitive Shampoo

~Lavera Mango Hair Milk Conditioner

Now For styling I have really been enjoying and indulging in the not so cheap Intelligent Nutrients range. The products that I have are actually the trial sizes so PERFECT for travel. I also like to bring Raw Coconut oil as a highly effective de-frizzer

~Intelligent Nutrients Spray On Detangler

~Intelligent Nutrients Volumizing spray

~1 teaspoon coconut oil in a small travel container

Skin Care For The Body:

Being 23 weeks Pregnant I need to continue my stretch mark prevention routine while away.  I will be using Everybody Loves The Sunshine From Living Libations as a body oil and for fun in the sun!  One of my charms while away on holiday is the burts bees hand salve. I like to use this for rashes from walking and sweating long periods of time.

~Everybody loves the sunshine by living libations

~ Burts bees hand salve

~ Lotion for dry hands

Now For My Travel Skin Care Routine!

I believe less is more when it comes to beautiful skin. No need to pack a 6 step cleansing method while you are traveling. how unpractical and annoying is that?

How about a simple 2 step? or make it one step if you like!


I am Bringing My Soft Bristle Face Cleaning Brush. All I do is rub this on my DRY face in Circular motions. This Exfoliates and removes all that dead skin and dirt and brings blood circulation to the face. It will leave your skin feeling silky soft.

Step 2.

I am a HUGE fan of Rose Water. It is commonly used as just a toner but it is a wonderfully versatile gift from nature. The one I am using is by a line called Safeas and it has a fantastic sprayer that feels like mist to the face! Rose water not only tones but it cleanses and  moisturizes all at the same time which makes it perfect for travel because of its all in one abilities!

Hope you enjoyed my natural beauty travel tips. See you all when I return on Tuesday!


Youtube video:

April Fashion & Organic Beauty Haul!

So I have been Rather indulgent lately. Let me show you some of my delicious natural skin & hair care purchases first! 

First Impressions Of each Product & Product Details

The Safeas Natural rose water spray is so amazing. The Mist bottle is AMAZING and the smell is divine!

Dr Scheller Aragan Oil & Amaranth Face firming serum: It has a very nice non sticky formulation with a pleasant and subtle scent of oatmeal. 🙂

Intelligent Nutrients Spray On Detangler: It has that amazing smell of herbs and spice which I love from this hair care line. Its great for days with really stubborn ratty hair just spray on after the shower or onto to dry hair before styling.

Intelligent Nutrients Volumizing Spray: a very versatile product. Great as a hair spray, de-frizzer, and a lift!


Logona Lip Gloss Shade 01. Its a nice sheer strawberry red gloss. like a tint.

Un Refined Shea Butter: FINALLY found Unrefined shea butter! yay so excited to work and experiment with it. Natural Beauty recipes VERY soon!

 Now Onto Fashion

 The Beautiful Lilac Floral Dress in the middle is from H&M 20 Euro!

Violet & Hot Pink Tank from C&A 3 Euros EACH

Basic Light Pink Lace Cami From H&M 10 euros!

Nude/Brown Ballerina Flats With little bows From ZARA 25 Euros!


 Floral Hair Clips From Accessorize 7.90 Euros

Dangle flow Gold Leaf Ear rings From C&A 5.95 Euros

Green Vine Choker necklace and matching stud ear rings from a fair trade shop 15 euros together!

Last but not least My new Purse! This was desperately needed! I will have more pictures and info on this bag as well as a whats in my purse video and blog post soon. 😀 It is from a shoe store called Deichman 14.90 euros! (Fake leather)

 Video On my Channel!

Flower Hair Clip From Accessorize


Lilac Tank Top From C&A 3 EUROS!!!

White Maternity Skirt From Old Navy:


Butterfly Necklace From Accessorize (old purchase) 


Lips: Logona Lipstick shade 01 & Vapour Organic Beauty Elixir Plumping Gloss In Honor

Eyes: Alva Cream Eye Shadow shade 01 &  Mesmerize Shimmer Eye Treatment Shade Lyric 

Beauty Comes From Within

When Your Body Is filled With Beautiful Greens And Nutrients

Health, Beauty, And Happiness Will Truly Shine Through!

Beauty tip of the week: Juicing is a great way to make sure you are getting enough nutrients in your diet. I decided to invest in a juicer about 6 months ago! 

  Below is a video of me sharing my experience with juicing from my natural beauty channel on Youtube. 

 My Favorite Green Juice Recipe  

4 Local Organic Apples

2 Bright and sunny Oranges

1 Carrot

1 Medium/Large Head of romaine lettuce

2 handfuls of spinach

A squeeze of lemon juice

This Recipe makes about 650 ML of juice. The Juice Can be stored in the fridge up to 5 days (I highly suggest adding lemon if you plan on storing it) 

My Juicer: Philips HR1854 Juicer I paid close to 80 Euros but better deals can be found on Amazon. 


 Decided to pull out my favorite floral pink skirt. I actually could not wear this last summer because I lost a lot of weight but now that I am halfway through my pregnancy its starting to fit again. 😉

For the Top I just went with a simple white shirt, it is the beautiful cut of the shirt that keeps the outfit stylish and sweet. The top shows off the shoulders but does not show off to much cleavage.

For Jewelry I decided to keep it very simple and clean. just a pair of my favorite silver dangle earrings. And My Beautiful  Swarovski crystal green leaf necklace. 🙂

ImageCheck out my outfit on video and subscribe to my beauty channel!