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DIY Shea Butter Anti Stretch Mark Stick, pregnancy, stretch marks, shea butter, prevention

Hello my beautifully blissful followers! Today I have a special recipe which I being hugely pregnant at the moment have been enjoying alot lately!

As many of you know I was using an expensive oil by living libations with pretty promising claims that I wont get any stretch marks this pregnancy. The pricey oil did not work for me but this recipe I have put together of affordable and simple ingredients has kept the stretch marks at bay at least for now!


40 Grams Shea Butter unrefined

10 Grams coconut oil

10 drops of lavender essential oil

I have found she butter to be the magical ingredient. I noticed it does not rub off on my clothes right away like most oils. It penetrates the skin deeply and my skin still feels moisturized hours after application.

I really enjoy using it in a stick form because its fast application and I dont need to get my hands greasy.

Here is a video tutorial on how to make it on my youtube channel.

Also check out my recipe for A vanilla body whip made from shea butter


natural beauty favourites


It is the end of April and I have discovered many treasures while unpacking from the move!

First off I found a giant block of She butter which has been a god send to find at this time with my stretch marks starting to worsen from pregnancy. It has really helped, I was using living libations seabuckthorn best skin ever but sadly its clearly not working as I am getting stretch marks even faster than last pregnancy. Using plain shea butter has really helped with my itchy skin and put the growth of the stretch marks on pause… at least for now!

Living Libations Lavish abundance perfume, review

Dont get me wrong I still love my living libations though the oil didnt work for me!  I have been indulging in my lavish abundance perfume loads this spring. Its pure joy in a bottle. Notes of lavender, lime, Jasmine, and Vanilla. Simply divine!


Twp eye makeup products that have really made beauty a breeze for this part time blogger and full time momma is the Alterra eye cream stick with the brown shade and nude shade and the Jane Iredale highlighting pencil.

alterra eye cream stick, organic makeup

Above are swatches of the Alterra cream stick. I love how easy and fast it is to apply this to my eyes. Perfect to achieve a subtle neutral look! I like to use the nude on my lid and lightly smear the chocolate brown in my crease. It achieves a natural look that takes literally seconds!

Jane Iredale eye highlight pencil, organic makeup, swatch

Now this Jane iradale highlight stick is an investment but well worth it! Seriously nothing brightens my eyes like this product. I love how soft the shades are. My personal favourite is the pink shade in my inner tear duct.

Burts Bees tinted Lip Balm petunia swatch, review

Now for Lip products a new burts bees tined lip balm is out for spring in the color Petunia. You all know how much I love these I have another detailed blog post on these with swatches which I will link here:https://daniellebeautybliss.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/burts-bees-tinted-lip-balm-review-swatch-pictures-included/

This color is a a warm an subtle peachy pink that I feel is a nice middle ground from the pink blossom and blush orchid by burts bees. You wont catch me without one of these lip balms in my purse and this one has been in mine the whole month!

Zuii Organic lipgloss ruby rose, swatch, naural lip gloss

Last but not least is this spring to summer transition lip gloss by Zuii oraganics in the color Ruby Rose. This lip gloss looks red in the tube but once applied to the lips it looks like a hot pink super summery!

The gloss goes on like a lip gloss and dries like a stain and lasts for hours before having to re apply!

Really hope you all check out my video where I talk more about the products!

Until next time wishing you all beauty and bliss!

April Fashion & Organic Beauty Haul!

So I have been Rather indulgent lately. Let me show you some of my delicious natural skin & hair care purchases first! 

First Impressions Of each Product & Product Details

The Safeas Natural rose water spray is so amazing. The Mist bottle is AMAZING and the smell is divine!

Dr Scheller Aragan Oil & Amaranth Face firming serum: It has a very nice non sticky formulation with a pleasant and subtle scent of oatmeal. 🙂

Intelligent Nutrients Spray On Detangler: It has that amazing smell of herbs and spice which I love from this hair care line. Its great for days with really stubborn ratty hair just spray on after the shower or onto to dry hair before styling.

Intelligent Nutrients Volumizing Spray: a very versatile product. Great as a hair spray, de-frizzer, and a lift!


Logona Lip Gloss Shade 01. Its a nice sheer strawberry red gloss. like a tint.

Un Refined Shea Butter: FINALLY found Unrefined shea butter! yay so excited to work and experiment with it. Natural Beauty recipes VERY soon!

 Now Onto Fashion

 The Beautiful Lilac Floral Dress in the middle is from H&M 20 Euro!

Violet & Hot Pink Tank from C&A 3 Euros EACH

Basic Light Pink Lace Cami From H&M 10 euros!

Nude/Brown Ballerina Flats With little bows From ZARA 25 Euros!


 Floral Hair Clips From Accessorize 7.90 Euros

Dangle flow Gold Leaf Ear rings From C&A 5.95 Euros

Green Vine Choker necklace and matching stud ear rings from a fair trade shop 15 euros together!

Last but not least My new Purse! This was desperately needed! I will have more pictures and info on this bag as well as a whats in my purse video and blog post soon. 😀 It is from a shoe store called Deichman 14.90 euros! (Fake leather)

 Video On my Channel!